– Felt issues recall on 2007/2008 CX bikes.

– New this year the CCC we’ll be keeping track of team standings. That’s right… you and your teammates will be competing for the best all around team. Complete rules will be posted to the Series Rules and FAQ page soon, but here’s the general idea… The overall series points from the top 5 riders (men/women/juniors/masters) for each team will be combined and ranked. If you race more than one category (i.e. Cat 3 & Masters 30+) only your highest point total counts towards the team competition. We haven’t done the math, but a certain team in green probably would have won last year… does anyone dare challenge them this year?

– Winning isn’t always everything though… but here’s a guy who has done it a few times. Watch, learn, then go practice!

– We’ve mentioned it a few other places, but we’ve been fielding a few questions recently regarding online pre-registration for CCC races. We’re still working out the permits with the parks and villages for most of the races, but Yes, we will have online pre-reg for all CCC races on BikeReg.com. We’ll put up notices and links here on the CCC site for each race as soon as registration is open (or scheduled to open), and you’ll be able to recognize CCC races by the little blue logo next to each race. That being said, please head over to BikeReg.com now and make sure your rider profile is up to date with your correct USAC license #, CX category, Team name, Emergency contact info, etc. Updating this info now will make all our lives much easier this season.

– Planet Bike just signed a rider to their squad. She’s won a few times herself.

– They’re not a sponsor, and we’re not sure we’ve ever even seen a set here in Chicago, but there are new CX wheels out there.

– And finally… cross in August?