We had a bunch of upgrades in the Cat 4 Women and Cat 4 Men this week that not only effected those categories, but also the Cat 1/2/3 Women and Cat 3 Men. Updated overall standings are here. Series scoring rules are here, and remember,you must upgrade before the 4th race (Carpentersville) to take half your points with you to the next category… otherwise all points earned in the lower category are forfeited.

Also, team standings are now updated here (check out he “Team Overall” tab at the bottom) and The Pony Shop is off to a nice lead with xXx Racing and Verdigris right on their heels. Flatlandia and Burnham Racing round out the top 5. Remember, if we don’t know what team you’re riding for, your points aren’t included in the team standings… so email us if your team name is incorrect or missing!

Finally, please remember online pre-reg closes tonight at midnight for the Dan Ryan Woods race. Save time and money and register now here. Remember you can always see who’s already registered by clicking on the “Confirmed Riders” link in the upper right of each reg page.

Confirmed Riders