The 2010 t-shirt entries are in and its again time for you, the riders of the CCC to vote for your favorite! Thanks to everyone who submitted designs (including the 12 year old junior!)… but as we all know, just like in a race, only one design can win.

See the designs below or follow this link to the Picasa page.

Please review the 15 14 designs carefully and pick your favorite… and obviously the one you’d want to wear. Then vote below or in the side bar to the right –>. Please only vote once (yes, just like last year if you figured out a way to get around the super-secure interwebs security we want you to do the right thing and still only vote once). Polls will be open until midnight next Saturday (9/18/10) and we’ll announce the winner at Jackson Park.

UPDATE: The Bluebirds design has been removed at the behest of the creator. If you voted for the Bluebirds please attempt to vote again.

Remember to click the yellow “Vote” button when done to save your vote. Anyone can vote, but if you get all of your friends, shop owners, quasi-random strangers, long lost aunties, and pet greyhounds to vote… they have to buy a t-shirt and wear it too!

We’ll have the shirts for sale on series sponsor website REKLAIM Apparel for $15 and the first batch should be ready for delivery (or pick up) around the time of Elvis Cross (Dan Ryan Woods). Our friends at REKLAIM have been gracious enough to not only print the shirts for us, but also donate a majority all of their profits to the CCC’s year end donation to World Bicycle Relief to help us reach our season long goal of raising $5,000. So buy a shirt… heck buy 5… as it all goes to a great cause!

Good luck to all of the contestants, and Happy Voting!