– Update… the Peace Rd exit off of I88 is closed. Please take the Peace Rd detour to the Annie Glidden Rd exit and follow the detour signs to get to the race.

– Stepping up the game once again North Central Cyclery and Half Acre Cycling present the 2010 edition of their Hopkins Park CX race in beautiful Dekalb, IL. This is the same duo that brought you the classic gravel metric century which had its own HD trailer, so you can only imagine what happens when they plan a full on, sanctioned USAC CX race. Updates throughout the day will be posted on HAC’s account @halfacrecycling. The weather looks perfectly CX for the weekend, so make sure to pack a base layer, and extra pair of socks, and a coat (for after your race) along with your cowbells and Vuvuzelas.

– Right now there are 418 pre-reg’d riders and all fields except the Cat 4A’s and 4B’s still have spots open. The Women’s 4 are closing in on the current 60 rider pre-reg limit, but with only 19 juniors pre-reg’d there will be roughly 20-25 spots open on race day (for both Women 4’s and Juniors). We’ll run wait-lists for all categories as necessary… as always… first come, first served.

– Thanks to everyone who donated to WBR while reg’ing for Hopkins Park and helping us to reach our season long goal of $5k. We’re getting closer every day!

Parking is pretty much anywhere you can find it, but there are several designated lots (see map below). Registration will be inside the main pavilion and the Start Grid will be just North, and down the hill.

– Besides series sponsor CarboRocket having electrolyte drinks and coffee on hand (all for free) there will also be a bake sale and someone will likely be grilling with veg options for a few bucks.

– Just a reminder that we can only allow a combined 100 riders in the Women 4 and Juniors starting time slot. Based on the number of riders at Jackson Park we’ve up’ed the pre-reg limit of the Women 4 field to 60 riders (which still is NOT full yet), but there should be plenty of room for everyone.

– Now that we’ve got one 2010 race under our belts, we’ll be making call-ups to top ten in the CCC Overall Standings. After that’s its first come first served. Allan Thom (the elder) will be making a guest appearance on the megaphone assisted by CCC Assistant Director Robert Sliwinski.

– But to get to the starting grid it will be necessary for rider to cross the course… so please be extra careful and respectful to racers on course when crossing. Its always a good idea to also keep your head up whenever racing.

– The main obstacle and where we expect most of the spectating to occur at Hopkins Park will be a CCC first in the shape of a flyover. What’s a flyover you ask? Its goes like this… get off your bike, climb up a set of stairs, remount your bike, ride down the ramp on the other side, ride underneath the bridge shortly after. Want to see how its done? Check out Ohio’s green monster (and see if you can spot Jackson Park promoter Greg Heck!). NCC owner and race promoter Tobie Depauw recommends getting in a little flyover practice before your race. Tobie says its not actually difficult to get up and over but may seem a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never raced over one before. The USAC officials will let you when are allowed to pre-ride the course in the time in between races.

– As we’ve noted Hopkins Park will host the Officially Unofficial Illinois State Cyclocross Single Speed Championships. Registration is only Day-Of for this event which will start immediately after the Master’s 50+ (who start behind the Women 1/2/3) at 10:49am. Promoter Chris Jensen had this to say about the event… “Reigning OUISCSSC champion Avi Neurohr is in it for a Double Impact, but he might be Marked for Death and the championship Under Seige. Good thing he’s a Hard Target. He’s taken First Blood and now he’s a Running Man! The first-place prize promises to be a big box of intense.” We’re really not sure what all that means, and we’re wondering just how many Half Acre’s Chris had before putting pen to paper… but OUISCSSC will likely be 100% awesome this Sunday.

– Just a friendly reminder that we’re asking the top 3 riders in each category to report to the podiums immediately after your racehelmets are optional.

– The Women 4’s and Cat 4A’s will again be competing for the next round of Mad Alchemy First Lap Hot Legs Sprints. The first rider in these two categories over the top of the flyover will win themselves a tub of MAE Mellow Warming embro. The 4B’s should also be on the lookout for Sister Sprocket and her Flying Pig award.

– This year’s course (below) again runs clockwise, and your bib numbers will go on your right (please check with your USAC officials on race day for any last minute changes). Two double barrier sections await you as well as the flyover and somewhat more rolling terrain than many of our other CCC races.