– And we’re back… The CCC took a short little break this past week to sleep in, watch some really, really fast guys and gals race, and to catch up on all the really important non-CX things we’ve missed since the middle of September… Did you know they found Fraggle Rock in Chile and more importantly Snookie is writing a book?

– We’ll have at least semi-regular updates but with a little less detail than during the season here on the CCC site until the middle of January, at which point we’ll crawl into our caves and hibernate until next August.

– First up, now that all the IL State Champion jerseys have been won, and even the National Champions have been crowned, its time to have a nice low key event. So who else but Half Acre and the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew could bring us the Afterglow – a Cyclocross Race. Online pre-reg closes tomorrow night at 5pm CDT and the ‘races’ are on Saturday (NOT Sunday) in Humboldt Park. Its not an actual CCC race, but its CX in Chicago… so of course we’ll still be there to cheer, heckle, and recruit for next year (we even made a special race specific playlist). Look for the usual course preview at the normal time right here on Thursday morning.

– Plenty of parties on Saturday as well. One up the street to benefit West Town Bikes and another at the Elbow Room w/ Los Borrachos to benefit old punk rockers singing rock songs in Spanish. The CCC will have its final ‘official’ party of the season on Sunday January 9th at EJ’s Place in Skokie to award the overall series winners… and give out plenty of door prizes. We hope to see you all there! As of this writing a time and place to gather and watch the St Wendel CX World Championships on January 30th has not been set.

– Its not technically CX, but online pre-reg for the Barry Roubaix is now open. We’ll hand this one off to our friends at The Bonebell for all the details.

– And finally… we’re terribly sorry this got caught in the CCC site’s spam filter (thanks Eastern Europe)… but a local vidoegrapher with mad editing skills (soon to be more famous than Antoine Dodson) documented an epic battle waged on the shores of Lake Michigan 2 weeks ago that few of us even knew about. So without further adieu, we present Andre Odendaal vs. The Chicken