– We are still accepting Series Sponsorships, but we have to send the tshirts to print, so any any further series sponsors will not show up on soft goods or flyers. We are however still working on sponsors for the New Years Resolution. Contact us if you’re interested.

UVEX – Although CX season here in Chicagoland tends to be dry that, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your eyes and melon. UVEX comes on board this year as a series sponsor to do both. UVEX, Protecting people.


 Higher Gear – Opened in 1993 Higher Gear has always reached out to both families and enthusiasts. They strive to make visiting Higher Gear an enjoyable experience. They don’t care what your cycling credentials are, they’re just interested in finding the right bike for you to meet your goals.




 Jewell Event Catering – ‘Cross racers are always hungry. A leader in Chicago Catering Jewell has proudly served top business leaders, royalty and every U.S. President for the last 30 years. No matter how small or large your event, know that it will be handled by the best. We wonder if Jewell ever served up a bacon wrapped Twizzler stuffed Twinkie to Bill Clinton.


 Micheal Heagney Professional Real Estate Services: Koenig & Stray – Got a house to sell… or looking for a nice one to purchase. Mike’s your guy (and a darn fast bike racer as well).


 Dan Wellisch: Hebalife Independent Distributor – Changing people’s lives by providing the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

– Now that we have all that out of the way (our series would not happen without all of our generous sponsors)… let’s get down to racing!

– Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time at Patriot CX. We hope the event grows over time and is a great addition to the Chicagoland cyclocross calendar.

– The Half Acre Cycling women’s and trans clinic sounds like it went well too. We can’t wait to see all of the ladies racing throughout the season.

– Jackson Park starts up the CCC series this coming Sunday in… you guessed it… Jackson Park, Chicago, IL. JP is one of the original CCC races (from way back in 2004), is hosted by xXx Racing, and is always a show. With >487 pre-reg’d riders, including sold out Cat 4A and 4B fields, not to mention one of the largest Cat 3 fields we’ve ever seen, this year looks to be no different. As always check back here on the CCC site Thursday morning for the usual course preview.

– Speaking of Jackson Park, West Town Bikes will be bringing several racers, and more than a few spectators/hecklers out for our first race. Aside from spreading the word of getting kids (and non-kids too) on bikes and looking for partnership opportunities, WTB will be accepting tax deductible donations on site. See cousin Mikey at the race for details.

 – The riders have spoken, and by the narrowest of margins we’ve ever seen the design to the left has won the 2011 CCC Series t-shirt design contest. We won’t reveal the winner’s name until the start line at Jackson Park… but if you want to know who it is you’ll need to be near the start line around 12:45pm when the designer will receive their call-up. The shirts are going to print as we write this, will be available for pre-order on the store page later this week, and should be ready at Hopkins Park in beautiful Dekalb, IL.

– Speaking of call-ups… if you were at the CX Relay Race way back in August (has it been that long?) at the start of the Cat 4 race xXx Racing announced a special prize. The winners of the Cat 4 relay race would receive call ups at the CCC Jackson Park race… but in the Cat 3 race. We are happy to announce that both of xXx Racing’s own Tracy Dangott and Chris MacFarland have accepted the “challenge” of upgrading to the Cat 3’s and will receive call ups at 11:45am in front of their 72 peers. Good luck guys!

Embro & Tshirts & Socks… oh my! Pre-order all your CCC goodies (okay, except for the t-shirts) now on the Store Page. You’ll need a PayPal account or have a friend who does. The Pome d’Émbre is here and orders received before Saturday will be at each Sunday race. We have to work out colors, cotton blend, pricing, etc… so the shirts will be ready by Dan Ryan Woods and distributed by the Spidermonkeys. The socks are being stitched up right now and will be ready by ABD Sunrise Park. All items will be available for pick up at CCC races. We will ship by mail, but postage is extra and on you, and please contact us directly if you live in Illinois and need your goods delivered by mail.

– Not CX but cycling related, the League of Illinois Bicyclists needs our help to reach the required 1,500 reservations to make the IL “Share the Road” license plates a reality. See their reservation page here.

– For all you metal heads out there… Dream Theater‘s new album comes out today. Good stuff. That’s all.

Interbike and Cross Vegas are both this week and many of the members of the CCC community will be in Nevada taking it all in. Please ‘cross responsibly and we’ll see you all on Sunday.

– And finally… just in case you juniors our there aren’t excited about the series leader jerseys (to be revealed on Sunday), the Spidermonkeys have whipped up some fantastic looking medals as well and will be distributing Goose Island soda to the podium.