Photo: Tipping Point

– Thanks Jim Nowak and ABD for another great Sunrise Park race. Sunshine and 60 degrees always makes for a great day, as does lots of grass, 180’s, a six pack, and of course… the original Heckle Hill. We saw numerous breakout performances (again) as riders are obviously coming into CX form and fighting for every last series point. We can’t believe we’re “only”  half way through the CCC series but there’s still plenty of racing to do this year.

– Speaking of more racing, online pre-reg is now open on for Ted’s Excellent Dbl Track Adventure. Hosted by the Northbrook Bicycle Club and Flatlandia Cycling this race takes the place of the old Northbrook course. TEDTA will be held at the YMCA Camp Duncan just up the road from the Psycho CX course.

– Speaking of end of the season, online pre-reg should be open not later than next week for the CCC’s New Year’s Resolution race. Watch for plenty of details soon!

– But back to more near term events, this Sunday the CCC heads just West of St. Charles/Geneva for round 7 at Campton Cross. Promoter Rob Kelley and Bicycle Heaven host their 7th annual event, which was one of the original CCC races way back in 2004. Being the day before Halloween costumes are of course optional mandatory, and from the playlist requests we’ve been getting, we can’t wait to see what you all have up your collective sleeves. Look for the course preview at the regular time on Thursday.

– Just a reminder that series sponsor MNO Sport Chiropractic is offering a CCC discount:

$50 account credit to any/all CCC riders who schedule and bring in their race number.  The account credit can be used toward chiropractic services regardless if the patient has insurance or not.  The credit is only redeemable once regardless of how many races you participate in. MNO is also offering a one-time $10 discount towards an hour massage for CCC racers and staff.  Mention this deal when calling to schedule your appointment.

– All CCC embro, shirts, & socks are in and available for pick up at races (either at the Spidermonkey 312 tent or from CCC staff). All items are pre-sale only. Shirts are sold out (except for XL) but we have plenty of Mad Alchemy Pome d’Émbre embro. Due to popular demand we put in another order with SockGuy for socks yesterday… so watch for details about when and where they will be available for purchase.

– Speaking of custom, we still need volunteers to help put on this year’s CCC New Year’s Resolution race. If you’d like to help out and race for an extremely discount rate please contact us at

– And finally… Our apologies to all the women, masters, and juniors racers on the last minute scheduling changes over the last few weeks. The CCC has been growing what seems like exponentially over the last few years and we’re experiencing the inevitable and associated growing pains along the way. Thanks for your patience and for working with us to find the best solution for everyone involved. Your continued constructive criticism and comments are helpful more than you know.