– Holy cow, the weather has made a turn for the worse better in the last week. We went from 90+ degrees and the worst drought in 80 years to 60’s, rain, wind, more rain, lots of clouds, and more rain. CX must be on the big man upstairs mind!

– The CoEd open field is filled up for next weekend’s (wait, what, already?) xXx Racing CX Relay Race. There are still plenty of spots in all other categories, but please, please, please, please, please Pre-Reg and don’t wait to reg day of. Pre-reg is always easier on everyone, but its especially helpful at the Relay.

– Speaking of BikeReg, make sure to update your rider profile now, especially your USAC license number. PENDING is not a valid license number!

Calling all Sponsors. While we’ll gladly accept sponsors any time during the season, we need to finalize the sponsor list by August 31st in order to get everyone’s logos on the t-shirts. That’s the long way of saying, if  you’d like to sponsor the series, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

– Hey, did you all hear there’s a big race in Louisville next year… and that a certain someone will be there?

– And finally… when did you all get so creative with your team names?