– Thanks again to Jim Nowak and the entire ABD crew for another great ABD Sunrise Park race. The weather was delightful and the winds were much lower than in years past, but the racing action was still red hot.

– The 2013 CCC season is now half over, or the other half is still left to be determined… can you believe it? Next up, stop #7 takes us to Campton CX where Rob Kelley and the Bicycle Heaven crew takes us up hills, through woods, and over dale. Thursday preview at the regular time and place, but get started with the static preview here.

– Another reminder, if you have pre-reg’d and for whatever reason (we won’t judge) don’t plan to race, especially in a filled & closed and/or combined category, please get in touch with the race promoter via the “Contact Event” link in BikeReg to let them know. We still have lots of riders wanting to race and it makes it easier on everyone if we can get those waitlisted riders into the event before race day.

– Concerning lapped riders, we are now in the 2nd half of the season and the guys and gals at the front of each race are really duking it out for every last series point. Accordingly we would like to give those riders challenging each other for the overall series title every opportunity to earn those points of their own, er, accord. What this means is those of you out of contention for a top placing and either being lapped or about to be lapped on the final lap, can expect to be pulled (and placed) early. The chief USAC referee will make the final decision (based on the application of the 80% rule, see page 115) during each race about who gets pulled. We are not trying to penalize anyone here, but simply give the lead riders a clear track to race on.

– Similarly, never, ever, ever, evar, enter the race track to preview it before the USAC officials say it is okay. Furthermore, never, ever, ever enter the race track in front the finish line. You could seriously impede racers finishing (as happened this past Sunday) or worse cause a crash and injury. No one wants that. So, very simply… you are only allowed to enter the race track past the finish line and once given the okay by the USAC officials. To facilitate this and make it clear as mud, we are going to borrow an idea from our CX friends in Colorado. Look for the green flag at the finish line. When it is raised you may enter the race track AFTER the finish line. When the red flag is raised no one is allowed on the race track except those riders in the current race. No exceptions. Ever. Violators can and will be disqualified.

– And finally… just because the Euro Pros do it and don’t get penalized doesn’t mean we are allowed to.