• Hopkins Park was again well worth the drive out to Dekalb. Thanks to Comrades Cycles Racing for hosting the event. All the results are here. We know we’re missing the Cat 4/5’s and the Women Cat 3 need to be fixed. Stupid Microsoft auto-updates have us running to the pits but we’ll have all those loose ends tied up later this week.
  • Speaking of results, if you have upgraded from a Cat 4 to Cat 3 since LaBagh Woods, please email us and let us know so 1/2 your points will follow you to the next category. Also, if you upgrade before Carpenter Park, please email us. Otherwise you will not be staged or possibly awarded a Pactimo Series Leader jersey correctly.
  • Speaking of being correct… the CCC matches all team names to what you have listed as your CX team or club name in the USAC rider database. If its not listed there, then we don’t print it. If you need to make a change or update your CX team name, please call USAC and kindly ask them to change it. We can manually change team names for LaBagh and/or Hopkins if need be, but otherwise its up to you to update your info accordingly.
  • Next up the series heads back to the South side of the city for Dan Ryan Woods. Plenty of power sections, tricky bits, and hills. Look for the course preview at the regular time on Thursday.
  • Series sponsor Tipping Point Photography has some updates over on the TPP blog including race pics from Hopkins Park, news about pre-holiday family portrait and headshot sessions, and an opportunity to purchase a custom framed print of “Colder Days Ahead”–the iconic snowy Montrose Harbor shot from a few seasons back. Read more here.
  • Series sponsor Snowy Mountain Photography also takes some rad photos, check them out over at
  • And finally… GREAT NEWS from our friend over at the Bonebell… Construction at Big Marsh is nearing completion and park opening will soon be upon us!!! If you would like to get a first-hand look prior to official park opening, join Friends of Big Marsh and partners this Saturday morning, October 8 in a volunteer effort to lay woodchips on the first hiking trail. Sorry, there will be NO BIKE RIDING at the park yet, although you are encouraged to ride to the event.
    And it’s not too late to be a CHAINRING DONOR with your name permanently emblazoned in the bike park as a magnanimous grassroots supporter! And finally, those sexy and slimming Big Marsh KITS will be available for sale again soon for delivery by the holidays with all proceeds benefiting Friends of Big Marsh for continued build-out of park features. Check for updates at our Facebook page.  #buildbigmarsh #putaringonit

    Volunteer Event: