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2015 Indian Lakes Resort Preview

  • #ILRcx More venue/course info here.
  • Preliminary staging is posted here for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s CCC points will affect Sunday’s staging.
  • The Hilton Indian Lakes Resort still has about two dozen rooms left for Saturday night, please call the front desk directly (630.529.0200) and ask for the race rate.
  • As per usual this time of year the forecast is for wind but temperatures should be quite pleasantSCW asks that everyone take down your tents, all the way, Saturday night. You may leave your tent(s) on premise overnight.
  • There should be a hose available to wash your bike(s), but not in the equipment pit. The hose is located next to the pro-shop just outside the door to registration.
  • Do not bring your bikes inside when coming to the registration room. Please leave them outside. Thanks!
  • Registration is inside, next to the pro shop and the Masters restaurant.
  • Remember to pick up your Sunday bib number on Sunday. You will have a different numbers both days for each race and you will NOT be scored on Sunday if you wear your number from Saturday.
  • No warming up on the fairways or west of the course. The other courses are still open to golfers… yeah, they think we are crazy too for riding our bikes in this type of weather.
  • Please stay off the putting greens at all times.
  • Bring your bathing suit for the pool and hot tub.
  • The Cave Bar will be open as well as an all you can eat buffet in the Masters restaurant.
  • Speaking of the Cave… there will be an informal party Saturday night. Come say hello!
  • The course: Classic ILR course run anti-clockwise. Approximation of this weekend’s course is below and may change slightly from Saturday to Sunday.