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2023 Jackson Park Preview

  • Jackson Park? Weren’t we just there? Yes – xXx Racing received short notice that Schiller Woods was not available and Indian Lakes is definitely no longer available so we’re back at Jackson Park in the Chicago Park District. REPEAT: The race is at Jackson Park on Sunday. There’s not a lot of space in this location, but we’ll make it work, and its better than no race at all. Let’s all pitch in and make it another great CCC race.
  • Pre-registration is open on BikeReg until tomorrow (Friday) night at midnight. Don’t delay, reg today!
  • Staging: Remember for the 2nd race and the rest of the series the front row of each category will be staged by series points, while everyone else is staged by CrossResults.com points. See full staging protocols over on the Rules/FAQ page.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here on Saturday. Sometimes the link between BikeReg and CrossResults is not correct, so please, please check your staging on Saturday and not Sunday on the start line. We will NOT be able to adjust incorrect CrossResults points on Sunday.
  • Directions: Set your GPS to 1987 E Hayes Drive in Chicago. While there is still construction in the area for the Obama library, Hayes Drive should once again be accessible both from Stony Island Ave and Lake Shore Drive. Check the link below for any last-minute road closures: https://jacksonparkimprovements.org/traffic-updates
  • Parking: DO NOT PARK in the boat launch lot adjacent to the course. Ample parking is available in the PAID lot on the north side of Hayes Drive. You can drop off equipment, tents, etc. in the boat launch parking lot but then you MUST move your vehicle. Thanks!
  • The Chicago Marathon also takes place on Sunday morning and while there are no closures on the highways, Lake Shore Drive, or any of the nearby surface streets, please allow for extra travel time just in case.
  • Food: Unfortunately with the late venue change xXx Racing was not able to arrange for a food truck so please plan to be self-sufficient for food and beverages.
  • Autumn weather looks to be heading our way with Sunday morning temps in the 40’s. Please dress and pack extra clothes accordingly.
  • Bib numbers are always on your left side for all CCC races.
  • The course: while we are using the same patch of land as Relay CX, we’ll be changing things up by running the course counter-clockwise (i.e. backwards from the direction Relay CX was run), with an all new start/finish and other tweaks throughout.